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Being the first note about the upcoming album, the 'Carla' single opens up a new chapter of the Grisly Faye band activity. These songs waited so long for their public appearance, passing all the band’s transformations, resulting into the state represented by Margaryta, Jack and Dasha.

Carla – is a composition written as a sign of gratitude to a Hungarian musician Mate Tulipan for his musical project - Carla Under Water. The video for this song is a part of a trilogy, on which Margaryta Kulichova, Oksana Chemerys, Ievhen Kopiov, Denis Strashnyi, Uliana Osovska, Andrii But and Docutoloka were working together.

Tree – is a composition that serves a significant transformational milestone for the band. It was raised on soles of two countries.

The remixes presented in the single were created by Mykola Matkovski, former member of Kryhitka and Krykhitka Tsahes bands, and Yuriy Bulichev – sound engineer and Hi5 Studio co-founder.


released March 1, 2016

music by Grisly Faye
Margaryta Kulichova & Ievhen Matkovsky
mixing by Yuriy Bulichev
mastering by Hi5 Studio
artwork by Olexandra Bochkor



all rights reserved


Grisly Faye Ukraine

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Track Name: Carla

Carla Carla
Never take a step back
Carla Carla
Come with me and clap
Carla Carla
Hold your Tulipan and sing
Carla Carla
From the underwater scene

Singing with you underwater
nothing could be better and I thought
that if you only stayed with me
so we could grow the tulip tree
Track Name: Tree

i want to grow my own tree
somewhere deep in the forest
so among all other trees
this one will be the most honest
to me

i want to take off my shoes
and leave my dress on the branches
release all things that I should lose
and keep on taking newer chances
for more

among roots through woods,
through deep dark thoughts
i run
to tiny-shiny chances of you